Optimize your energy!

  • SMART Wall-box BE-W 205 with Power Management

    Ideal for household charging

  • Type 2 with child protection SHUTTER

  • New pillars BE-A - BE-B

    DESIGN and ELEGANCE: Style knows no trends, because it’s timeless.

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  • Scame Parre is partenr of MUSE GRIDS European project

Scame: manufacturers of connectors and charging stations since 1999

stazione di ricarica

Connectors and charging stations for electrical vehicles

We were the first in the 90’s to develop charging system for electrical vehicles. Since then, we never stop innovating.

The new serie “Libera”, a range of connectors and charging stations, nowadays is more advanced and secure thanks to the protection screens against accidental contacts with parts in tension. Even more reliable and functional, more and more ergonomic and easy to use.

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SCAME e-mobility

We aim to build on good ideas

A concrete contribution, aim to reach sustainable choices on technological, economic and environmental point of view.

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