Recharging an electric vehicle at home may absorb a good part, if not all, the electricity we normally have in our homes, which is why POWER MANAGEMENT is a key feature.

Thanks to this function the charging device is able to communicate with the domestic system and to modulate the current used to charge the car according to the instantaneous consumption of the house, adapting it to the consumption of household appliances that are already in operation, avoiding the risk of triggering the meter and a possible blackout.


In addition, the device is also able to manage the current produced by photovoltaic, where available. The POWER MANAGEMENT function is ideal for household charging and it finds its ideal installation in boxes, private parking spaces, single house units such as single villas or condos.                    


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On 2021 the POWER MANAGEMENT function is available also in three-phase version, which is particularly suitable for installations with power systems higher than domestic (typically 11kw and 22kw) such as workshops, bodywork, shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, parking companies.

The advantages of the power management function are many, for example, the station automatically parameterized itself and is able to recognize if the power is: three-phase, single-phase or two-phase and can it be controlled remotely through the SCAME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, that allows a remote control and adjustment of the parameters, without opening the station cover.

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The control of the wall box power supply, in this case, concerns the power instead of the current, and this means that, by controlling the power, you have the real absorption for each single phase. In addition, the control of SCAME POWER MANAGEMENT takes place on all stages.


  •  Possibility of NET connection for remote control

  •  In the three-phase version, the station AUTOMATICALLY PARAMETERIZES itself whether the load is three-phase, single-phase or two-phase. The automatic recognition allows you to make the most of the power.

  •  CONTRIBUTION FROM PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM it takes into account any photovoltaic contribution to exceed the limits of contractual power. It is important to keep in mind the correct sizing of the line.


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