Behind its effort in the field of  new mobility, Scame adopted the logo “E-MOBILITY”: brand dedicated only at LIBERA’s serie and which represents the “green” effort of this firm. SCAME "E-MOBILITY" will flank and strengthen company brand and will be used for everything about the communication and Scame’s products in electrical mobility field.

Scame’s effort in infrastructure and charging components for eletrical car sector born at the end of the 90’s. Since the start the firm embraced the possibility to realize a new eco-compatible idea inside cities, which can make decrease at minimum the enviromental impact.
To reach this objective Scame, in collaboration with CEI - CIVES (Italian commission for eletrical vehicles at Battery, Ibrids and fuel cells) starts to design and realize the first connector in the world specifically designed for eletrical vehicles’ charging, a prototype dedicated to little vehicles and motor vehicles, entirely new both on the productive point of view and on standard point of view.

This effort let Scame obtain one of the main positions in this segment, even if it is in a emergent market. Indeed, thanks to the work of this first years, Scame entered in committees as CEI, CENELEC, IEC which, in Italy and internationally, are responsible to indentify and to standard this matter. Also, they have a relevant role in defining the first international standard (CEI 69-9) for connectors and charging systems for electrical vehicles.

In recent years, thanks to the impetus of new trends connected with energy saving, at renewable sources and pollution problems in the cities, electrical cars’ subject is becoming of current interest and SCAME has renewed its effort, proposing on the market a new family of charging stations and connectors, called LIBERA, more evolved and safer, which permits the connection for the charging and informative communications between the car and the charging infrastructure.


R&D E-MOBILITY SCAME division is constantly committed in searching more effective and efficient solutions aimed to improve its solutions’ functions and security. E-MOBILITY proposal is not limited at simply connectors and at charging stations, but provides integrated solutions with personalized and flexible management system according to needs, perfectly compatibles with modern management and payment technologies as Apps and recognition system.

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