To optimize charging of electric vehicles with limited power

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The Scame Load Balancing system allows the available power to be equally discharged across multiple charging points ensuring each point is capable of providing a charge to the connected electric vehicle.

The integration of this system will ultimately lead to more EV charging points should this be a necessary requirement to accommodate demand. Depending on what power is available, the system can be configured to allow an equal kW charge across multiple points ensuring each connected electric vehicle receives an equal charge.

The Load Balancing function is optimal in those cases where more charging points are needed, but there is limited power available. This allows to limit the initial investment and at the same time to increase the available charging points.

When the maximum current of the system is not enough to allow a simultaneous charge for all the connected socket outlets, the most recently applied electric vehicle/s charging session/s will be suspended. The cord will remain locked in the socket outlet but the electric vehicle will not be supplied with a charge. Only when a connected cord from an electrical vehicle that was maintaining a charge is removed and the current becomes available will charge commence to those previously suspended electric vehicles.

The system can also detect when an electric vehicle has completed its charge but is still connected. By managing in this way those electric vehicles that were previously suspended are now supplied with the relevant charge despite the full charged electric vehicle being left connected.

example: If a CAR PARK has a power line of 30 kW it could provide 6 charging points of 22 kW each.

What’s going on?

  • If you only charge one car it will charge to 22 kW (maximum power of the socket/ car)
  • If you load two cars will load at 15 kW each
  • If you load three cars we will load at 10 kW each
  • If you load six cars will load at 5 kW each

The Load Balancing system is compatible and applicable to all Scame E-mobility charging stations.


  1. complete video:  
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Immagine 2020-11-09 165827.jpg


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