Scame acquires Topgraf and further strengthens in e-mobility


On January 27th 2022, Scame Parre S.p.A finalized the acquisition of 55% of Topgraf srl.

Topgraf srl, a company also based in the province of Bergamo (IT) with 20 employees, operating in the field of ICT and specialized in the creation of cloud based solutions for IOT, integrated logistics, management of the pre-sale and post-sale commercial cycle of products and services.
Just like the acquisition of the Portuguese company Magnum Cap in May 2021, the acquisition of Topgraf today is part of Scame's broader strategy aimed at further strengthening its leading role in the sector of systems and infrastructures for e-mobility. 
By integrating with the already high skills of the internal R&D department, the entry of Topgraf into the Scame group has a strategic meaning since the software is becoming an essential component to guarantee the interoperability, connection and diffusion of systems and infrastructures for recharging electric vehicles, thus allowing to respond more and more effectively to the growing demands of a rapidly evolving market.

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