It’s a critical time, but we won’t stop.

Scame E-Mobility is in smart working

All members of our  e-mobility team are giving maximum support to continue remotely their work. The plan of smart working has been applied on indications of the Ministry of Health, in order to anticipate possible new restrictions in our Region.

At the same time the incidence of absence of personnel and especially the strict rules of contact between people, forced us to a deep reorganization of the production lines, which in any case are all functioning even if with reduced capacity. There will probably be some impact on the next product deliveries, but we still cannot quantify at the moment.

This situation will certainly create difficulties, we apologize in advance for any mishaps.

Therefore, in case of emergencies, faults, assistance please contact by e-mail, trying to enter as much information as possible and especially your contact details, to facilitate the work of our technicians, who will contact you as soon as possible.

Send us your recommendations to:   

For information, estimates, technical support: 

In this difficult moment for our companies and for the Country we will continue to guarantee the service with the enthusiasm and professionalism of always, certain that from the crisis we will emerge with new firmness and competitiveness.


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