SCAME PARRE has been awarded the supply of over 47 electric vehicles charging stations for EXPO 2020 (now moved to 2021). The installation will involve the two main buildings connected to Al Wasl Plaza, which is the exhibition central hub.

Located in the center of new Dubai Trade Fair District, Al Wasl Square has been named after Dubai itself, which ancient meaning is "the connection". Three large petals stem from there, one for each of the three themes of the event: OPPORTUNITIES, SUSTAINABILITY and MOBILITY. All the boulevards around the thematic areas and the central square will be covered with photovoltaic curtains that will generate 50% of the overall energy needed by the exhibition site. Transportation within the venue will rely on a cable car and over 750 zero emissions buses will be made available to reach the site.

SCAME’s twenty-year experience in domain of electric mobility, our company’s reliable and high quality solutions, Italian design (SCAME’s latest charging stations have been designed by Trussardi & Belloni studio), effective, application-based technical assistance provided by SCAME DUBAI team’s highly qualified personnel, and their pre and after sales support were instrumental in SCAME PARRE’s award by EXPO DUBAI.

SCAME PARRE is proud to bring the concept of MADE IN ITALY to the first post-pandemic event of global importance, which will coincide with a phase of economic recovery made possible by export as well.

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