Summer Holidays

Our offices will be closed or summer holidays from August the 7th up to 24th See you on August 25th!


The Scame Load Balancing system allows the available power to be equally discharged across multiple charging points ensuring each point is capable of providing a charge to the connected electric vehicle.

EVS32 Lyon

MUSE GRIDS – Empowering local energy communities

Launched in November 2018, the MUSE GRIDS research project funded by the European Union aims to transform weakly connected areas into local energy communities where engagement of citizens will allow their energy needs to be met, whilst also reducing their carbon footprint. MUSE GRIDS involves the development of two large-scale pilot projects in Italy and Belgium, and includes partners from universities, research centres and leading EU companies from the energy sector.

SCAME PARRE joined the European project MUSE GRIDS

A single, smart European electricity grid


The “POWER MANAGEMENT” function on this product allows to automatically limit the current intended for vehicle charging in relation to the user’s contractual power and to the power used up by home appliances (washing machine, television, oven, etc.) in order to avoiding untimely tripping of the meter.

Scame Parre obtain the Certification ISO 14001 Systems of Environmental Management

After 10 years of distance from the certification ISO 9001, Scame obtain the Certification ISO 14001 of the Systems of Environmental Management

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