How to install several charging points in a public or company car park with a limited maximum power?

Scame Load Balancing system allows the available power to be equally discharged across multiple charging points ensuring each point is capable of providing a charge to the connected electric vehicle.The integration of this system will ultimately lead to more EV charging points should this be a necessary requirement to accommodate demand. Depending on what power is available, the system can be configured to allow an equal kW charge across multiple points ensuring each connected electric vehicle receives an equal charge.

The system can also detect when an electric vehicle has completed its charge but is still connected. By managing in this way those electric vehicles that were previously suspended are now supplied with the relevant charge despite the full charged electric vehicle being left connected. 

Immagine 2020-11-10 120404.jpg

For example, if a car park has a power line of 22kw it could provide 2 charging points of 22kw each: a single car can charge up to 22kw, meanwhile two cars will charge to a maximum of 11kw each.

Immagine 2020-11-10 120518.jpg

If the points taken were 4 or 5, a third car would charge to 7kw, while 4 cars connected in charge would have 3,5kw each.

Immagine 2020-11-10 120155.jpg

Thanks to this function it is not necessary to reserve parking spaces only for electric vehicles anymore, with the risk that they will remain empty. In general, the charging points managed by LOAD BALANCING can be increased without limits, keeping the structure at multiples of a maximum of 16 with the logic of the Master/Satellite system. This method allows car parks the opportunity to assign many of their spaces with electric vehicle charging points thus increasing their service levels. 

ADVANTAGES: it is not necessary to reserve parking spaces only for electric vehicles with the risk that they remain empty

The LOAD BALANCING SYSTEM is compatible and applicable to all Scame E-mobility charging stations




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