We built on good ideas

Concepts of research and quality are an integral part of our culture in all the aspects and every activity of our work.

Scame was founded amidst the enthusiasm of the Italian economic boom of the 60’s and has always pursued its strive for excellence by continuous innovation.
Today it is an international industrial group of about 800 people employed in 20 subsidiaries and associated companies operating under the parent company headquartered in Parre (Bergamo) in Alta Valle Seriana.
Scame has a capillary presence throughout Italy with its own sales agencies and operates worldwide with branches and loyal distributors.

Led by the genius and foresight of its founder Mr. Giovanni Scainelli, now inspiring the 2nd generation management, Scame has been continuously searching for new opportunities, developing innovative strategies and tailor made solutions for several markets: from residential to heavy industry, including special applications as electric vehicles recharging solutions and products for environments with high risk of explosion.


Our Mission

We keep on improving the environment, and not only the work environment.

We provide ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS to make the most of small and large everyday actions. In a world that is increasingly competitive and forces us to deal with more and more demanding challenges, Scame searches for NEW SOLUTIONS, easier to use and safer, in order to improve the quality of life of people, minimizing the impact of its production processes on the environment.

Our Vision

Glocalisation, innovation, focus and design.

Scame wants to be more and more international with GLOCALISATION in order to reduce physical distances, with digital INNOVATION in order to facilitate contacts, with FOCUS in order to meet the needs of the market through direct contacts of the sector professionals, and with DESIGN in order to bring together knowledge, skills and constant research activity. 


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