Pelba, Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina (AR)

Pelba, Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina (AR)

We have inaugurated the first public access charging point for electric vehicles in the municipality of Pilar. Anyone who is driving in the area could charge their electric vehicle for free.  The charger is a 7.4kW Power Wall Box with a type 2 connector, includes an RFID technology card reader and it is ZE Ready certified by Renault.

Our contribution for a cleaner world!

  • Year
  • Place
    Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina (AR)
  • Station type
    wall box 204.WB
  • Number of stations
  • Private / Public
    Public for free
  • Number of sockets
  • Sockets type
  • Avalilable power
    7,4 kW
  • Operator
    Pelba Materiales eléctricos

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